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Chan-Dog’s VibeVan is an award winning mental health awareness campaign that has been featured in the following media outlets:

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Chan-Dog’s VibeVan (#CDVibeVan on Facebook and Instagram) is my little mission to spread peace, love and positive vibes and mental health awareness by connecting to people through music.

It was born out of my own personal struggle with my mental health, to achieve a positive outcome to a negative time in my life and to offer hope, inspiration and help to others who are also struggling with their mental health.

Please view my official campaign promo video, which was shot when I was campaigning outside parliament on 29th August 2020, staging a mental health awareness music protest below:

I’m doing this because it’s very fulfilling to bring a bit of joy into peoples lives, making people happy and even dance in the streets! Studies have proven that music is great at uplifting people and releases dopamine, the “feel-good” hormone into the brain and creates a sense of unity among people.

I’m also angry at the state of the UK Mental Healthcare system, so playing loud music in public is also my way of expressing my disdain and drawing attention to my mental health awareness campaign which is advertised on the side of the VibeVan.

I have decided to make some noise, by driving around in Chan-Dog’s VibeVan as a daily protest and handing out campaign flyers which raise mental health awareness and also in a effort to build a community of like-minded people who also want to bring about positive change!

Sadly 1 in 4 people in the UK which equates to around 16.5 MILLION troubled souls are struggling with their mental health.

We have hit crisis point.

SEVENTEEN people a DAY end their lives because they have lost the will to live. Life is hard, but no one should have to feel that alone and isolated that it comes to that!

Life is precious, you only get one life, you need to live it and achieve great things!

Please, if you are struggling with anything or need anyone to talk to, check out the peer to peer mental health support community I have established on Facebook which can be found here:


or by searching on Facebook with #CDP2P.

We are here to support you.

You are not alone.

I have also included a list of useful resources and contacts for you on this site, which can be found by clicking here.

I’m not sponsored, I’m doing this because I have to…

I have self-funded the campaign with all of my house deposit savings and keep it going, by picking up various delivery gigs all over the UK when I’m touring in the VibeVan.

As I mentioned, my inspiration to start a mental health awareness campaign basically stems from my own struggles with my mental health, following a diagnosis of bipolar. I had little to no support from the NHS, due to it being desperately underfunded, particularly in the rural community in which I used to live and was merely offered pills and put on a year waiting list to see a therapist.

I was discharged, as I refused to take the medication as it made me feel worse.

Thankfully, I had the funds to pay for private counseling and was helped by my amazing mother and I have implemented a multitude of life changes to ensure I can live with my condition, know what my triggers are and keep myself stable.

While I have struggled, I never seek pity or sympathy, but empathy is always appreciated.

The same goes for everyone, you never know what traumas people have suffered in life, which cause them to act the way they do.

I like everybody am a product of life experiences.

Thankfully, I have beaten my demons for now and am using my newfound zest for life, to try and help as many people as possible and endeavour bring about a positive change to the UK Mental Healthcare system.

I would love to see the day, where people can associate music with seeking support for their mental health issues and not have to suffer the humiliation of having to go to a Dr and be put on a waiting list for up to a year!

It’s a terrible state of affairs and I don’t like it, so I’m doing something about it.

I have an idea; which is to set up a positive vibes mental health awareness music festival, where people can come, have fun, watch live music and participate in workshops covering the importance of nutrition, exercise, meditation, in aiding recovery from mental illness.

They will be able to speak to mental health volunteers from organisations like The Samaritans and Mind, for more serious cases, even get free to user counseling with professionally qualified therapists in a mental health and wellness healing field which will be paid for by the festival ticket sales.

In addition to this, all traders on site and the festival organisers (myself and team of people I’ll be building) will be donating 10% of profits to mental health charities, to support the amazing work they already do.

I’d also like to see the day that qualified mental health first aiders or even counsellors are present onsite in workplaces and places of education, where people are likely to endure stress.

That is my vision, it’s a big goal, but I am positive and optimistic, that if I work together with the community and collaborate with likeminded people, this vision can become a reality.

Please share this message with EVERYBODY you know.

We need to make this happen, people are suffering, people are dying and we need to save them!

We need to act fast to help these people.

This is my mission and life purpose now.

I’m am channeling all of my positive energy into this project, but I am one man and need some help!

That’s where you come in!

You know what needs to happen, as do I, now please help me make it happen!

For further information and to follow my actions on a daily basis; please search #CDP2P and #CDVibeVan on Facebook and Instagram if what I’m doing resonates with you, please like, follow and share! 🙂

Thank you!

Peace, love and positive vibes,

Chan-Dog 🙂